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Welcome to the ADDC Blog

Welcome to ADDC's new blog written by members for members!

Launched in January 2020 as a community for Association of Desk and Derrick Club (ADDC) members, energy industry professionals (employed and retired), and those interested in the oil, gas, and other energy fields, and their allied industries. This site is a collection of articles about ADDC events, educational programs, clubs and their members, and industry news written by ADDC members with occasional contributions from energy professionals.

The ADDC professional network is comprised of four regions covering Canada and the U.S. Each region has individual clubs with members employed in or retired from various energy companies and allied industries. Cost of membership is only about $75 annually, which includes local, regional, and international membership and access to a number of industry related educational programs, field trips, publications, and opportunity to travel across North America and network with members and leaders within the oil and gas, solar, wind, hydroelectric, and other energy-related industries.

ADDC Regions

Each region meets annually in the spring and the Association meets annually in September, hosted by a different region each year. The Northeast Region is hosting the 2020 annual convention in Pittsburgh, PA. Find more information on the ADDC website under the Events tab.

ADDC accepts new members January through November 1 each year. New members are welcome to join various committees and run for board of director positions at the local club after their first full year of membership. All ADDC Board positions are a one-year term. More information is found on the Members only side of the ADDC website. Interested persons may contact the ADDC Board President, Keith Atkins at President@addc.org or through the Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs Facebook page.

To submit articles, original photos, or topic ideas, contact any ADDC Board member, Region Director, or the Marketing and Publications Committee as well as leaving a comment below. Please include your full name, club/region (if applicable), and contact information Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and coming soon, Instagram!

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