Desk and Derrick Club of Wichita Falls gets a little nutty installing 2020 officers

This week we are featuring the Desk and Derrick Club of Wichita Falls, Texas. The following article was written by Jordan C. Jackson.

Our December Membership meeting was also our club Christmas party and the installation of the 2020 officers. Our speaker was Mrs. Natalie Bright from Amarillo and a member of the Amarillo Desk and Derrick Club. Mrs. Bright is an author, blogger, and speaker. Her works have appeared in various publications and she has also written several books, both fiction and non-fiction. While Mrs. Bright enjoys talking to groups about energy and writing, her purpose at our meeting was to install our new slate of officers. She used nut analogies to describe each position, saying that nuts are the “ingredients that push recipes beyond our expectations and make them extra special.”

First, she described the parliamentarian as a Brazil nut. This nut is very old, eaten for 10,000 years. Mrs. Bright described 2020 Parliamentarian Barabara Pappas as full of wisdom and insight, reminding her that she may not always be popular when citing rules and bylaws, but she will ensure that meetings are “organized, fair, manageable, and appealing.”

She then used pecans to describe the Immediate Past President Rena Shaffer. The pecan is incredibly popular, full of protein, fiber, and health. Pecans are incredibly valuable. Rena is stepping down from being the head nut, where courage, dedication, and strength was required and will now be able to offer that wisdom to the incoming president.


The next nut described by Mrs. Bright was the hazelnut, also known as the 1 Year Director. This nut is versatile, used in confectioneries around the world to add a unique flavor. Geneva Wood will be brief on the board, and like the uniqueness of the hazelnut, will have a big impact in that brief period.


The 2 Year Director is represented by the cashew, which is a seed rather than a nut. This nut is unique in taste and very popular. Barbara Franklin will be the seed of new ideas and will help direct the vision during her two-year stint on the board.


Jordan Burgess, the new treasurer, was described by Mrs. Bright as an almond – highly valued, sweet, and rich. Jordan will manage the club’s riches, keeping an accurate account of all funds.


The secretary was described as a walnut, heart-healthy and widely considered a superfood. Jordan C. Jackson will use her super abilities to manage the correspondence to shine a light on the club and will take minutes which form a vital permanent record.


Mrs. Bright used the pistachio to describe the vice president. This nut is pleasantly sweet and healthy. They can be expensive, but are valued for their uniqueness. This nut is also able to withstand extreme heat. Nichole Harney will support the president, determine programs, and bring much needed sweetness into the mix.

The final nut that was discussed was the peanut, also known as a goober. This nut is the most versatile of all nuts and was likened to the president. Diana Walker will be our club’s most versatile and all-knowing during this next year, setting the basis for the club’s activities.


The officers were sworn in by Mrs. Bright with a reminder of how Desk and Derrick began 70 years ago. Two-hundred women founded the first club in New Orleans. They were all employed by the energy industry. They incorporated their club and set dues at $3.00 per member. Three-hundred women joined that year. By 1951, more clubs were formed around the nation (and) the Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs of North America was formed.

The Desk and Derrick Club of Wichita Falls is proud to continue the legacy started 70 years ago.

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